Tyler Prosperity

Lasting Change From The Inside Out

What if the life you dreamed of is closer than you ever thought possible?

The universe is constantly responding to our thoughts feelings and beliefs. You are going to discover as you start changing the way that you view yourself and the world achieving your goals is going to become easier and faster than you ever thought possible.

The Coaching Program


Your vision is not optional for your success, it is essential. We are going to build a empowering vision that pulls you towards your goals and alter your self image so that it supports you in creating the life that you really want. You are also going to find that as you begin to change your self image other people are going to change their opinion of you as well and opportunities will just seem to find you.

Working With the Law

We recognize that all causation is mental, meaning all experiences that you had and that you are having right now were on some level created by you. This coaching program is unique because we recognize and apply universal laws such as the law of attraction, law of vibration and others. We help you align and work with the law so that you can create the life that is abundant, fulfilling and meaningful.

Right Action

Unlike some self help gurus we don’t shy away from the component of taking action. To achieve greatness right inspired action is a necessary component. After you begin with the program, not only that you will be motivated and driven to take the right action but we will also remove any resistance or blockages that are preventing you from taking action and reaching your true potential.

Thriving in all areas     

I believe that we deserve to have it all, perfect health, body of our dreams, income that is truly freeing and empowering, relationships that are loving passionate exciting and supportive, inner peace and complete fulfillment in all areas of life. And we are going to it together using “secret” knowledge and tools that were hidden from everyday society for so many years .

Resistance and alignment 

One of the crucial steps in your journey is going to be letting go of resistance and past emotional trauma. You will start to notice as you start doing presence work you will start to feel lighter, more at peace and overall happier with your life and with who you are. You are also going to notice that you will begin to reach your goals faster than ever before.

Self love

For me loving yourself means having deep gratitude and pride in who you are and who you are becoming. Often times we attack, criticize or sabotage ourselves when in fact we are supposed to be our own best friends. It also means treating your body and mind as a temple and start doing more things that serve you as opposed to taking away from you.


What my clients say about me

“I have been working with Tyler over the last few months. I went from feeling depressed, stuck and earning a minimum wage to having a sense of control in my life and nearly tripling my income with working half as many hours as I used to. I have never been more productive and never felt more alligned with my purpose as I do right now. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to take control over their life.”

-Vladimir V

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My mission

My mission is to create lasting change, get you into your personal power and bring more of what you want into your life. We will do this by using proven processes that harness the power of your mind, getting you into full alignment with your intentions and letting go of resistance and past emotional trauma.

Free Breakthrough session


I am inviting you to join me for a free 1 hour breakthrough session. In this freeing and empowering time together, we will align your intentions and begin your personal transformation.

Together we will:

Talk about the most important challenge or decision that you are facing right now. It could be regarding your health, your body, your income, a personal challenge… you name it.

Bring more clarity and purpose into your goals so that you are naturally drawn towards taking action.

Provide you with rituals and habits to become the most energetic, productive and powerful version of yourself.

Provide you with proven processes and lifestyle recommendations in order to reach your goals in the most harmonious way.

You will leave this session feeling empowered, energized and with crystal clear clarity on what your goals are and how to turn them into reality.